Terms and conditions

Free Advertising until 31 August 2020

Don’t wait for pay day (DWFPD) retains all rights to:

  • withdrawal the offer at any time
  • extend the offer at their discretion
  • use any supplied assets to advertise the clients services as DWFPD sees fit
  • arrange customer adverts as DWFPD sees fit to best show their goods and DWFPD
  • not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information published on the site
  • deny any supplier access to the advertising offer without reason
  • pages go live 48 hours after the link has been sent to the client
  • change the offering at any time with no notification, as long as it doesn’t require the client to start paying before adequate notification is given, as well as the opportunity to withdrawal free of charge
  • reserves the right to advertise on social media, via email, or with paid media at our discretion while in the free period