We are delighted to partner with another small business initiative, Don’t Wait For Payday.

Run by Lauren Marshall of Thinking Creative, Don’t Wait For Payday is a small business online directory that aims to advertise and connect food producers with a larger market.

“Don’t Wait For Payday (DWFPD) started in 2018 from a desire not to cook dinner. Unfortunately I couldn’t fine any specials online, so I ended up cooking anyway,” said Lauren. “My initial aim was to bring the latest specials to you the subscriber without you having to scratch through piles of websites, showing outdated menus and expired specials.”

“I built the site, then got busy, and put DWFPD on the back burner. Then Covid19 happened…”. Lauren continues: “I saw it as an opportunity to give back. I could use DWFPD to help restaurants, small food suppliers, cook at home suppliers, and others in the food industry to reach a wider market, and continue operating during lockdown, at no cost (for a limited time). If my services worked for them, fantastic! If they didn’t, no hard feelings, at the end of the trial I would simply turn the pages off.”

“So far I’ve extended my free offering twice,” said Lauren. “And have now extended again until the end of the year. I’m also looking at ways that I can continue a small free listing indefinitely, while the more work intensive entries would work via a subscription. What makes us different is our offering: as a restaurant owner, or food supplier, we aren’t asking you to create two for one deals, or give us a massive percentage of your orders. For a subscription every month, you can choose the level of service we provide, and we will handle the admin of keeping your page, prices and menu up to date, as well as displaying your specials on the relevant days, to people in your areas and surrounds via mail and social media. “

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